Nashville Radio Show: Tre Hargett, Tennessee Secretary of St

The State and Federal Primary and County General Election on August 6, 2020.

  • When is the voter registration deadline to vote on August 6?
  • How can voters register online?
  • When is early voting?
  • What kind of turnout are you expecting for August and the November Presidential election?

The Secretary of State’s online voter registration site hit more than 600,000 transactions.       

  • Do you have any new programs to increase voter registration and participation?
  • How can businesses play a role in increasing civic engagement?
  • Do you have programs for businesses and organizations to help increase voter registration and turnout?

The Secretary of State’s office is continually working to protect our elections.   

  • How did Election Day disaster preparations play a role in successfully holding the primary election after deadly tornadoes?
  • What impact could the Coronavirus have on the August and November elections?
  • Will our elections be safe from outside interference?

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