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Bedrock Market & Café

On Tuesday my body said to me, “Enough. You haven’t been very kind to me lately. I have carried you all of these years, sustained you and yet you dismissively treat me as if I don’t mean very much to you. It stops now.” As much as I hated to say “you’re right, I’m wrong,” my body was telling the truth and I could no longer run from it. Because when our bodies tell us something, we are forced to listen: mine was screaming at me that what I’d been feeding it as “nourishment” was actually tearing it down and apart and…enough was enough. I tried to convince it I could begin being kinder on Friday after a few days of preparation but more screaming ensued and my only option was to begin the very next day. So on Wednesday I woke up, looked in my refrigerator and had one acceptable piece of food staring back at me- an egg. I boiled it, ate it and left my house frustrated because I had nothing to eat for lunch or dinner and no time to make either. A couple of hours later I was sitting inside of Bedrock Market and Café: I was happy, my body was happy; we’d finally reached a truce. 


Bedrock is the brainchild of owner and chef Brandi Marter. Opened in 2015, Brandi has taken the “healthy eating” concept to a level of its- and her- own. There is not a single dish I’ve eaten at the restaurant that I would not recommend and it really is an afterthought that not a single one is made using refined, processed or modified foods to make it “taste better.” This in itself has given me an appreciation for what it means to eat “real” food and a gratitude for the chef who understands that “real” need not mean tasteless or barely edible (yes, I’m looking at you health food store tofu scramble.) She also understands that in a time of seemingly endless responsibilities outside of the home meal preparation has taken a back seat for many families. Hence, Brandi offers numerous ways to help you succeed in keeping your body from screaming at you the way it did me. Bedrock’s meals can be ordered online for pick-up or delivery and you can “grab-and-go” at numerous locations, including the café itself. This year she took things up a notch by offering foods that fall under the Whole30 guidelines- a HUGE gift to those of us who have incorporated it as part of our lifestyle. And here’s why.


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The Whole30 program (which I am not endorsing but will share that I personally do engage in the program) maintains that you may not eat any sugar, grains, legumes, or dairy (or foods containing such.) In my personal experience, and prior to discovering Bedrock, this was doable if I sequestered myself at home, manageable if I prepared meals in advance should I need to leave the house, and just about impossible if I had to be away from my own kitchen for a reasonable amount of time. This is because there are traces of [insert unacceptable ingredient here] found in just about every restaurant or store-prepared dish. If you are going to embark on the Whole30 your heart (not necessarily your mind) has to be in it 100%. Luckily, Memphis has a chef who’s taken what is in her heart and decided it was worth sharing with the rest of us. She took her passion, transformed it into a business operating with true purpose and in the process is, in my opinion, not only healing lives but saving them.


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When I decided to follow through on the promise I made to my body that Tuesday, I left my home Wednesday morning not knowing how I would even succeed in fulfilling that promise. If I can be totally honest, there was a looming sense of defeat before I’d even begun. Luckily, Brandi was already following through on her promise to provide nothing but wholesome, organic meals made of real food to the Memphis community and our paths collided at 327 S. Main Street.

Thank you, Brandi, for helping me keep my promise.


For more information about Bedrock Market & Café and its umbrella company, Bedrock Eats & Sweets, please visit


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