Come See the GOOD

Come See the GOOD

Earlier this week cityCURRENT teamed up with Germantown Municipal School District to host a tour of Houston High School. The event was tied to their Community Day program, highlighting the district’s award-winning schools and the students, who are achieving impressive success inside and outside the classroom. Every step of the way our attendees were immersed in the learning process and many of the activities students partake in each day.


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We were greeted with students performing live music at every turn (even singing A cappella); we had the chance to forecast the weather and lead a newscast in their state-of-the-art television studio, watch science projects being conducted and robots being programmed, see students collaborating to solve problems, and meet students who scored a perfect 36 on their ACT test. In fact, Germantown Municipal School District has the highest district ACT average in the state of Tennessee with a 24.9. That average is even higher, 33.15, among their prestigious Honors Academy, which is a selective program that challenges kids through high academic rigor, service learning projects, and leadership development. Houston High School also offers a Leadership and a Fine Arts Academy, which ties in their nationally recognized Band, Orchestra, Choir, Theater, and Visual Arts Programs. Just as impressive, they offer 26 different Advanced Placement (AP) courses, dual enrollment courses, and community-based learning opportunities that are allowing students to save money and move quickly ahead in college.



The simple take away is that there’s A LOT of GOOD taking place at Houston High School. The students are immensely talented and sharp. The bigger reality, though, is that there’s A LOT of GOOD taking place across the Mid-South. You might not always see it in the news, but everyday progress is being made and people are giving it their all to make a difference in the lives of others.


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Throughout this year, we’ll have more tours and chances for you to see the GOOD taking place. For example, this Thursday, February 16, cityCURRENT will be hosting an opportunity to walk through and learn more about The Soulsville Charter School, The Stax Music Academy, and The Stax Museum of American Soul Music. On March 1, we’ll be working with the 232 kids at the Porter-Leath American Way Head Start and Early Head Start program, reading to them and playing games. I encourage you to check out and make it a point to join us for something this year to see the GOOD taking place in our city.


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