Radio Show: eBiz Solutions - Sridhar Sunkara

At eBiz Solutions, they look beyond technology — beyond websites, beyond ecommerce, beyond mobile apps — beyond the specific tool, straight to the results.

Their technologists have a unique combination of business savvy and technical expertise, but at their core, at eBiz, they're problem-solvers.

Clients often come to them for things like a new website, CRM tool, SEO, but their team looks beyond the immediate need to develop a robust, integrated technology solution that not only includes that nice looking website, but facilitates long-term business growth and success.

The eBiz team boasts broad experience in many platforms and languages, allowing them to listen to your needs, analyze your business and create the best possible solution for your unique needs, regardless of technology platform.

Their global business model allows them to provide high-end, custom technology solutions for an investment that is affordable for small to medium-sized businesses.


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