Start NOW!

Start NOW!

“A year from now you may wish you had started today.” This popular quote, attributed to author Karen Lamb, is widely shared on social media to remind us that there’s no better time than now to take that first step toward achieving our dreams and crafting our legacies. It’s a tough reality that the older we become and the more responsibilities we bear, the faster days blur into years; so if we put off that first step until tomorrow, tomorrow may never come.

I say this following the passing of Brooxie Ann Davis, who was called home and healed by Jesus on February 12, 2017, at the young age of 28. Brooxie was a graduate of the University of Memphis and taught 1st grade at Ford Road Elementary. I originally met Brooxie through one of my friends and former co-workers, Nicole McGlaughlin, who was one of Brooxie’s best friends. Brooxie always made a special point to attend our cityCURRENT volunteer events, especially our Samaritan’s Feet shoe distributions; and I’ll always remember her sweet smile and laugh – and the way she made each of the kids she interacted with smile and laugh, as well.


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In September of 2015, Brooxie was diagnosed with a very aggressive cancer that had her bravely fighting for her life. While most of us probably would want to withdraw, especially after losing our hair as a result of the chemotherapy treatments, Brooxie was more determined than ever to live life to the fullest and not put anything off until tomorrow. Even while she was fighting cancer, she was volunteering and giving back, she was making others smile and laugh. She and Nicole, along with her family and friends, took trips together and knocked as many things off Brooxie’s bucket list, as possible. So, while her time on Earth now has come to pass, her real legacy is only beginning with all of the lives she’s blessed inside and outside of her classroom, while out volunteering, through her church, and along her way.


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Often I talk with people who want to make a difference, who want to pursue a dream and have a higher purpose in life, but they don’t know where to start, so they put it off until tomorrow. It can be hard and intimidating to take a first step, to raise your hand and say “I want to help;” but once you make the commitment to take that first step, to raise your hand, the second and third steps become that much easier. Make today the day you take that first step and raise your hand to make a difference because there’s no better time to start than NOW!


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