Pick Up a Brick

Pick Up a Brick

After the welcome and invocation at each of our cityCURRENT Signature Breakfast events we play a short video feature known as “Moving You Forward,” as a part of the regular program. The videos are produced and hosted by Andrew Gieselmann, owner and principal of Sandler Training by Capstone Sales Performance, LLC. In each video, Gieselmann shares a tip or inspirational thought related to leadership, in order to help each of us “move forward” in achieving our personal and professional goals. 

Last week’s message was one of my all-time favorites. It focused on a quote from playwright George Bernard Shaw: “Grain by grain, a loaf. Brick by brick, a castle.” As the video starts, you see Gieselmann standing outside holding up a Lego brick, talking about how he had decided recently to try and put together a Lego bank. As he started building it, placing piece by piece, he realized that, although he had no idea what it would ultimately look like, every step forward began with picking up and placing a single brick. As time went on, the building started to show structure and take shape; and after a few hours, the 2,380-piece Lego bank was complete with intricate detail.



Gieselmann uses the Lego bricks and bank to illustrate the fact that if we want to accomplish our goals, change our circumstances, or create something meaningful and great, we have to pick up a brick. We have to start small and take action! As he rightly mentions in the video, people want and try so hard to start out big, but there’s no starting out big. Everything we do in life and business starts by doing something small. Those small things then add up and compound over time to become big. Brick by brick is exactly how I’ve built my career and how we’ve built cityCURRENT over the last decade, going from just a handful of events to hosting more than 150 free community events each year, along with a wide array of media and philanthropic initiatives.

Most times, we don’t even know where we’re headed on the journey, but if we keep going and keep picking up and placing each brick, we end up creating something special. Our lives, careers, organizations and cities are built brick by brick, so as Gieselmann’s video ends, you see him standing on the roof of a building overlooking downtown Memphis. It’s a powerful reminder that everything starts by simply picking up a brick!


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