ChangeMakers: Kayla Rodriguez Graff and Isaac Rodriguez

Kayla Rodriguez Graff and Isaac Rodriguez are Co-Founders of SweetBio, a Memphis-based medical device startup that will revolutionize healing because the world deserves to smile. Learn more about who they are as young professionals and entrepreneurs in our community.


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Dr. Isaac Rodriguez is the SweetBio Co-Founder responsible for the overall vision of the company as well as the lab and clinical research, publication, regulatory and product development segments of the business.

Kayla Rodriguez Graff earned her MBA in 2014 from Hult International in San Francisco, CA and New York City, NY. Her forward thinking business mindset is unique and her overall knowledge of business development, marketing, operations, organizational effectiveness, and front-­end web development in Fortune 40 experience made her a fit for the Co-Founder role. She responsible for operational efficiency, manufacturing, Quality and logistics.

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