The SPARK: Leveraging Technology and Designing Success

Technology’s powerful and ever changing. It’s allowing us to instantly share information and connect with others around the world. It’s revolutionizing how we think, learn, and do business; which is why it’s so important that we give our citizens the tools and skillsets to succeed. Organizations like CodeCrew are providing in-depth computer science training to kids, increasing the diversity and access, and serving as a resource for parents, educators, and other groups that are addressing the digital skills gap…so our kids can prosper! Desoto County Schools is leveraging technology inside and outside the classroom to enrich learning and they’re exposing students to opportunities that are shaping academic success and leadership in the community. And businesses, like MBI + ImageWorks Commercial Interiors are using technology in the workplace to design, build, and communicate…but also to create spaces that allow us to connect as people and to build relationships. In the end, even with all the technology, it still comes back to people helping people. 


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