Radio Show: Finnious Scott Finney

This Summer, Memphian Scott Finney is riding a bicycle coast to coast over 4,000 miles from Seattle, Washington, to Washington, D.C. raising funds and awareness on behalf of people with disabilities. But just 9 months ago, Scott Finney was physically unable to do this. In order to make this dream possible, Scott had to go on a life-changing transformation. In just 9 months, Scott dropped over 70 pounds, going from 268 to 198 on the scale. The decision to make no more excuses gave Scott the determination to change his habits and diet to lose the necessary weight.

Scott has been working out at the Kroc Center and attending spin classes at Victory Bike Studio. He has been taking advantage of the Greenline and the recently added bike lanes in order to prepare for his journey across the country. Joining the group rides organized by the Memphis Hightailers bicycle club has helped.

From June 6th to August 12th, Scott will be riding over 75 miles per day, on average, as part of the 3 month Journey of Hope. Scott is taking the TransAmerica route, and will meet on the steps of the Capital in Washington, D.C. with 30 other Pi Kappa Phi brothers. The Journey of Hope is a philanthropy mission created by Scott’s fraternity, Pi Kappa Phi that raises over $500,000 for people with disabilities annually.

The bike ride is an example of service beyond self. The Journey of Hope serves the fraternity, to serve people with disabilities, and spread hope across the nation. “My father’s continued involvement in the fraternity has inspired me to ride the Journey of Hope,” said Scott Finney. “He showed me that the fraternity experience doesn’t end after college.”

Across the country, people will greet Scott when he arrives in their city. There are several facebook pages dedicated and you can contribute to the ride at:


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