A Bike and a Backpack Filled with Burritos

A Bike and a Backpack Filled with Burritos

There’s something great about a burrito! Our two boys seemingly crave them at least once or twice a week and they’re convenient because you can pack them full with everything from healthy vegetables, like sautéed broccoli, bell peppers and cauliflower to the more traditional steak, chicken, rice, beans, cheese, lettuce, tomatoes and so on. Aside from all the different ingredients you can load into a tortilla and the fact that one burrito can be a complete, filling meal, the other convenience is that burritos, like hotdogs, are extremely portable; they can be wrapped up, put in a backpack and taken just about anywhere. So, it should come as no surprise, that when you take a group of caring do-gooders in our community and combine them with bicycles, backpacks, and burritos and hotdogs, you have an opportunity to reach and feed those in need, share compassion and love, and transform lives.


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Urban Bicycle Food Ministry is now celebrating its 5th year of seeking out and feeding the homeless in Memphis via bicycle twice each week. Volunteers meet every Wednesday evening and Saturday morning to prepare approximately 200 burritos and hotdogs. They then load them into their packs and trailers, along with water, other food items and hygiene kits, hop on their bikes and seek out those on the street who need a meal and who need someone to talk to, someone who will not turn away, but turn toward them. The organization’s goal is “To fulfill the Gospel on two wheels;” and so you’ll find volunteers seeking out those who are homeless and hungry twice a week – rain, snow or shine, hot or cold – no matter what, to let them know people in our city care and want to help make their lives better.


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With five years comes some impressive statistics. The nonprofit has now coordinated more than 425 rides and delivered more than 80,000 burritos and hotdogs. That’s 2,500 individual food preparation hours and more than 17,000 miles ridden. It also adds up to more than 40,000 moments of spreading love in our city!


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Volunteering with Urban Bicycle Food Ministry is easy, fun, and can be done as an individual, family or group of co-workers and friends. It’s a perfect opportunity to make food together and then ride together, helping others and building friendships in our community. You can also donate needed items like clothing, shoes, sunscreen, toiletries, and of course, money to help underwrite the food costs. Learn more at ubfm.net or contact their Executive Director, Lyle Udell at lyle.udell@gmail.com.


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