The Giving Hour

The Giving Hour

If you want to make a difference in someone’s life, especially that of a youth, serve as a mentor. If you’re searching for some professional or personal advice and need help with anything from a job search to climbing the corporate ladder or dealing with conflict, reach out and ask someone you respect for their help and mentorship. If you’re an entrepreneur, you definitely need a mentor or two or three. I could go on, but I think you get the point. Just like a mother and father, a teacher, or coach, mentors are integral to our success, as individuals and corporately, as a community, as well. Mentors are the role models who help mold and shape our lives and careers, steer us in new directions, and provide us with different perspectives. Mentors share experiences and shorten learning curves, they expose us to new adventures and ultimately, lift us closer to realizing our dreams.

I’ve been blessed with countless mentors in my life and still have many who I rely on just about each and every day, as trusted advisors and friends. Likewise, I try to set aside time each week to help others and to serve as a mentor, as a way of honoring the legacy of those who’ve helped me and as a way to help lift our city and citizens. I realize that I may not be able to help everyone, but if I can help one or two or three each and every week and then encourage them to go and mentor and do the same, I feel like we can make an exponential impact. Mentorship doesn’t have to be hard, time-consuming or complex; it can be simple, fun, and fit within your busy schedule. It can be an hour each day or week, yes, but it can also be an hour each month or even one hour a year.

This is the point behind the Giving Hour, which is first, an ask for you to donate one hour of your time to mentor and impact the life of someone in our community, and second, an engine designed to engage, inspire, and connect individuals in our city with the many mentorships available. The goal of the Giving Hour is to create 10,000 new mentors within the Memphis area. Yes, that’s a BIG goal, but to create BIG changes, you need to think BIG and shoot for BIG goals. On their website,, you’ll find information on their recruitment and placement partners and then different mentoring opportunities available, which are broken down into different categories, like Youth, Professional, Civil, and Career Specific. There is also a sign up button where you can take the first step toward engagement. Take a moment and check out the Giving Hour and then make the commitment to give at least one hour of your year, month, or week to make a difference as a mentor.


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