A Tribute to Kay Hussey

A Tribute to Kay Hussey

On Tuesday, July 11, 2017, the music in Heaven became more beautiful! That evening, we lost my mother-in-law, Kay Crumby Hussey, fondly known in her hometown of Corinth, Mississippi, as “Miss Kay,” and to all the grandkids in our family as “Memommy.” She passed away peacefully after a brief illness and she was surrounded by her family; but that’s not where Kay’s story ends.

Kay was an amazing woman with a selfless love to help others, the ability to teach with great patience, and to believe in and inspire people when they didn’t believe in themselves. She was known to give the coat off her back to help a stranger in need. She called waiters and waitresses by name, so they knew they were special; and she was known to tip extra on Sundays because the hustle and bustle after church sadly sometimes brings out the worst in people, and Kay wanted to see them smile, especially on a rough day.  


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Kay loved working with children and watching them succeed; and she was able to help shape the lives of thousands of kids as a special education and a kindergarten teacher. For more than 40 years, she also played the piano and led worship services at local nursing homes so the hearts of seniors could be filled with love, music and praise. And, aside from attending church with her family, Kay volunteered to play piano every Sunday for a different, smaller church, who needed her talents to brighten the faces of their congregation. Around the nation, some might know Kay for her skills as a calligraphist, who created countless monograms, wedding invitations and programs that remain cherished to this day.  

Kay was my personal champion and I’ll forever love and cherish her! Just like she took on my personal causes, though, she was a champion for the causes of so many others, helping to raise awareness and funds for many nonprofits. It’s been remarkable to witness the outpouring of love and support for the family; and to see and hear all of the stories from families and individuals who were touched by her life and dedication to helping others.

Prayers for my wife, Meredith, and her sisters, Jennifer Garrett and Alesha Knight, as they've lost their mother and best friend; for John Hussey who's lost his wife and soulmate; Wallace Crumby who's lost his daughter; and the rest of the family members who need comfort. It's been a sad couple of weeks, but Kay touched so many that her legacy and memory will continue to live on through all of us who were blessed to know her and to stand in her light. It’s also a reminder that life is extremely short. I hope we take every moment possible to tell our loved ones how special they are; and that we now are a little nicer and tip a little extra on Sundays, in the name of Kay Hussey.


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