Celebrating SPARK Awards 2017 Nominees: Part 2

Celebrating SPARK Awards 2017 Nominees: Part 2

Last week we started sharing some of the pubic nominations that were submitted for our cityCURRENT and WKNO televised awards show, The SPARK Awards. Once again, these are current nominees for the show, which honors organizations and individuals in 13 different categories, who are making a difference in the Mid-South; but I wanted to go ahead and share some of their stories as a way to inspire each of us with the GOOD taking place here in our city.   

“For nearly 50 years, Dr. S. Terry Canale made it his life's work to treat orthopaedic patients. More than 100,000 men, women and children in our community have benefited from Dr. Canale's excellent care. He said that the most rewarding part of being an orthopaedic surgeon was seeing his patients of all ages regain their mobility and return to the activities they enjoy, whether it's simply walking around the block or running a marathon…He has volunteered thousands of hours to organizations - locally, regionally, nationally and even internationally - that are dedicated to achieving better orthopaedic education and care or patients everywhere…Dr. Canale has also always found time to serve our local community…As President of The Campbell Foundation, Dr. Canale has helped raise over $15 million for surgeon education and orthopaedic research, and has contributed over $1 million dollars of his own money to support research, innovation, and discovery…Dr. Canale has served numerous local civic organizations and has generously donated his expertise and his money to their causes. Dr. Canale has served on the Boards of St. Peter's Home for Children, Les Passees Rehabilitation Center, the Memphis Bioworks Foundation, the Arthritis Foundation, the Shelby County Drug Court Board, Rhodes College, Christian Brothers High School, and, bringing him great joy - the Greater Memphis Arts Council…”

“...Mr. Randy Thompson, better known as Mr. T, is the principal and backbone of Idlewild Elementary. I am still in disbelief at the wonderful working and learning environment he has created and cultivates. He treats everyone with the utmost respect and always appears to be available, ready, and willing for anything that is requested of him…You would think he lives at Idlewild Elementary due to the amount of time he is there ensuring that the environment is nothing less than exemplary. Mr. T has scheduled campus clean up days on weekends where he leads any willing volunteers in making the grounds beautiful. Our school system has yard crews that service the area, but he goes the extra mile by edging and watering the grass in order to keep up Idlewild's exterior beauty. He leads by example, and has inspired a very dedicated group of teachers who have created and maintain a pond and two beautiful learning gardens…He pours his heart and soul into Idlewild Elementary…I have never seen a community so involved in a school in all of my years attending and teaching in Memphis public schools and I cannot help to think they are inspired by Mr. T...”


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