Behind the Scenes, V2 Media share client-focused mission

Behind the Scenes, V2 Media share client-focused mission

Behind the Scenes and V2 Media show how two companies can work together while operating as individual entities.


Behind the Scenes is an event planning business in operation since 2000 and V2 Media has been in the video production business since 1989. The two companies share space and Behind the Scenes’ founder Dusky Norsworthy is a business partner with Mark Thompson in V2 Media.


“While both companies have separate employees, it’s not uncommon to have crossover, which helps clients from a cost-efficiency standpoint,” Norsworthy said. “To share some overhead is one thing, but we truly share resources and that collaborative effort internally is a lot of fun.”


Thompson said the environment is conducive to a better creative process for all.


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“Not just physically but from a thought-partner perspective, we have a, ‘take a look at this, what do you think’ perspective,” he said. “We have broader teams with different perspectives. Without being cliché, we have a passion for helping clients achieve goals.”


V2 Media offers video production services to help clients from idea formulation to implementation, including in-house creative services, studio and production facilities, post-production edit bays, and motion graphic design. V2 Media also offers Web and mobile app design, and helps develop interactive strategies to support clients’ communications objectives.


Behind the Scenes is a global project management firm that specializes in event and meeting management, printing and fulfillment, and multi-media production.


Norsworthy started Behind the Scenes 18 years ago. The core of the woman-owned small business is event management, including corporate meetings, trade shows, employee training events and customer events held around the world.


When working with clients, the Behind the Scenes team first understands why a company is holding a meeting and what best measures the return on investment. The team then starts on creating the experience so event attendees are most aligned in whatever the ultimate goal is.


Behind the Scenes works to find an event venue and then creates the desired look and feel, the proper messaging and then delivers the experience. It starts at greeting attendees at the airport and continues with operating the registration desk and seeing the event through to completion.


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“We live it and breathe it,” Norsworthy said. “Some of our competitors just do on-the-ground operations. We’ve learned working with the strategy from the beginning we know whether we’re greeting people with excitement or empathy. We understand the philosophy and culture of the business. We appear as if we’re an extended team on the ground.”


Behind the Scenes and its 15 full-time employees work with a variety of customers, including corporations of different sizes and in various industries including auto, aviation and hospitality, which is its largest industry customer. It also works with nonprofit organizations, helping with event management and fulfillment projects.


Part of event management often includes promotional items. Norsworthy mentioned an event with a camping theme, and there were some 2,000 camp chairs used. Those chairs were later donated to the American Red Cross.


Another project used iPads at a conference. The large security cages used to hold the iPads also were donated to the Red Cross to be used for volunteers to lock their purses in.


“There’s a lot of swag that’s left over that we donate to shelters in town,” she said. “Working with hospitality partners we touch mattresses and bed linens. We corral those and bring them back to donate locally.”


V2 Media, on the other hand, created a niche to help primarily corporate environments tell their stories, whether it’s in a training environment or product marketing pieces.


“We support a lot of new initiative launches, both with video and Web development support,” Thompson said. “So we morphed from an ad agency and traditional video company to more a media production house that can help clients from that traditional video story to creating a Web vehicle microsite to support that messaging.”


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V2 Media works with clients to help them tell their own story in an authentic manner. That generally means interview-style pieces that allows the client to give an authentic testimonial to capture their story.


The collaboration of V2 Media and Behind the Scenes goes back to Norsworthy’s experience operating and managing a video production company. That company grew from 30 to 350 clients while telling stories through video.


“Now we tell a story through live events,” she said. “It’s still understanding why someone needs to tell a story and helping them tell it, all while following a project checklist. While growing that business I often met people who produced videos that were on big screens at meetings. People would say, ‘If the video person could just stay on budget.’ I decided to meet that demand.”


Thompson said it’s natural for the two teams to work together, in part because of a shared hospitality industry focus as well as medical and automotive industries.


There must be a reason to tell the video story, Norsworthy said. Once the team learns it, the next mission is to create an emotion around whatever the end goal is, whether it’s to make a donation, buy a product or solicit a service.


“I want people in our audience to go back recharged and motivated to do more or I want surgeons to believe this product is the best on the market,” Norsworthy said. “If we’re working with a company working in a downturn in the economy I want them to feel passionate that they have the tools to be able to do their job. We’re creating an experience but telling a story.”


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