The Power of Crafting a Vision Board

The Power of Crafting a Vision Board

I know it’s a little late at this point, but since this is my first column of 2018, I want to wish you and your family all the best for a new year filled with good health, happiness, peace, and prosperity. For many, including my family, 2017 was a roller coaster year that brought severe highs and lows. Throughout it, we learned to appreciate life, family and friendships more; we found ways to make the most of challenges and opportunities that came our way; and we were able to create special memories as a family by making the commitment to not continue putting off things that we’ve always wanted to do. I know it sounds simple, but for years my wife had wanted to see the musical, “Wicked,” and so we made it a priority to catch the show during a recent trip to New York; and I’m glad we did.

The older I get, the days, months, and years seem to fly by faster and faster. I still remember holding our younger son as a baby and rocking him to sleep in my arms. This year, he’ll be turning ten; and our older son, who is taller than me now, will be turning 15, which means he’ll soon be driving. Even with this Giving Back column, I still remember writing the first one; and that was eight years ago now!

The point is that if we don’t make it a priority to spend time with our families and friends and to make the commitment to accomplishing important personal goals, this year will pass by with another blink of an eye.  So, with this in mind, I want to share some advice that Andrew Gieselmann, CEO of Sandler Training by Capstone Sales Performance, offered recently during our cityCURRENT radio show interview (listen to it below). He said that while most people tend to focus on changing a “negative” with the New Year, like losing weight, he encourages individuals to think positively and to craft a vision board. A vision board uses colorful pictures and words to paint a picture of what you want to accomplish. It can be large or small, but it serves as daily inspiration for you to stay focused on realizing your dreams.

Vision boards can also be great for families, especially with school age children. Use this cold weather and time inside together to talk about some of the places you’d like to visit, things you’d like to experience, or goals you want to set for yourself. Have fun finding and cutting out pictures that describe those places, things, and goals and then make it a game by talking about each one as you place them on the board. Ultimately, you’ll create a vision board and a road map for your family that’s filled with adventures you want to enjoy together throughout this year. It’ll be something you can look at each day and cherish as the pictures come to life and are replaced with pictures of your family enjoying those special moments. So, make the most of this New Year by crafting a vision board. 



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