New to Memphis and Looking for a Job?

New to Memphis and Looking for a Job?

Over the last two weeks, I’ve met three highly educated professionals who’ve recently moved to Memphis and started their job search. All three came because of love – two came to be with a loved one, and the third fell in love with the soul of our city.

As a community, we consistently talk about the importance of talent attraction, development, and retention, especially among those with a college degree. According to, “The single most important factor driving urban economic success is the educational attainment of a city’s population.” This is exactly why education is critical to our city’s success; but also why the efforts of our schools, organizations, and individuals who are working in the “talent” space are paramount, as well.

We have college educated professionals moving to our city and we must seize the opportunity to embrace them, to help them forge friendships and find employment. Like with most cities, the good jobs being sought by these individuals rarely will be found online; they’ll be unveiled through relationships. So, if you’re new to our city and looking for a job, here’s some advice.

Do your research using LinkedIn and Google on the jobs and companies where you would like to work, along with the executives who would be associated. Reach out to those executives through email, social media, or better yet, a mutual connection, and ask for a 15 minute meeting or coffee to solicit their advice on opportunities in the city. Executives in Memphis are accessible and willing to help!

Sign up for our weekly newsletter filled with free events Explore organizations like Leadership Memphis, New Memphis Institute, and City Leadership (Choose901), and sites like for events where you can network. Ask event coordinators ahead of time for a list of attendees, so you will be prepared to have meaningful conversations.

Connect with organizations like Volunteer Odyssey or Volunteer Memphis and get physically involved. There is no better way to build relationships and to showcase your expertise and leadership potential than by volunteering. Pick nonprofits and projects where you can shine and make an impact, so you can use those stories to showcase success. Once you start reaching out, volunteering, and building relationships, you’ll be surprised at how many opportunities will start coming your way.

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