My Town Miracles is Changing Lives in the Mid-South

My Town Miracles is Changing Lives in the Mid-South

 My Town Miracles is a prime example of how one business can play a role in changing the lives of people in its community. My Town Movers co-owner Noel Fenderson founded My Town Miracles in 2016. He found inspiration in his Christianity to see how he could use his businesses, My Town Movers and My Town Roofing, to give back to people in need in the community.


My Town Miracles is a nonprofit organization with a mission to make an impact in the communities it serves. The mission is to “be the miracle that brings lasting change in the lives of individuals and families.” That is accomplished by “being a miracle to individuals who really need one.” But it’s more than just a one-time gesture; these miracles have long-lasting effects as it helps individuals and families make changes for the better.


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The first miracle involved a North Mississippi family who lost its father and husband in a car accident in May 2016. The Alexander family’s young daughter had a rare medical disorder, complicating what already was a dire situation for the family. My Town Miracles stepped in and donated funds to pay the family’s bills for six months, a donation that gave Stacy Alexander time to grieve her husband’s loss while getting back on her feet to continue providing for her two children.


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Since that time, My Town Miracles has provided more than a dozen miracles to a range of individuals and families facing a variety of difficult circumstances. Another example is Kaylin Fields, an 18-year-old North Memphis resident. Kaylin wanted to attend college but didn’t have adequate transportation and proper resources, making it more difficult. My Town Miracles gifted Kaylin a car and the organization supplements her income from working as a mentor and coach with Memphis Athletic Ministries, giving her a better opportunity to focus on school.


The effort to assist Kaylin is part of My Town Miracles’ work with Memphis Athletic Ministries to help an exceptional high school graduate involved with MAM to have a brighter future with resources that include mentoring, college assistance and, like in Kaylin’s instance, a car.


Other ways My Town Miracles gives back includes a $5,000 donation to the Ronald McDonald House of Memphis Perseverance Scholarship, which goes to two graduating high school seniors who stayed at the house while receiving treatment at St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital. And My Town Miracles has teamed with Chick-fil-A Mid-South to host the Family Picnic and Field Day in June at Tiger Lane. Previously known as Chick-fil-A Bluff City Field Day, the event focuses on food, fun and games for families to come together from various communities. The event is a fundraiser for future miracles from My Town Miracles. Donations also are welcome at



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My Town Miracles says it works with individuals focused on life, liberty, learning and the last days of life, and it has a miracle request form on the website for people to request miracles that meet criteria of those four L’s. And to help further its mission, My Town Miracles named its first full-time executive director in January, former TV news anchor and veteran journalist, Brandon Artiles. He’s the first staff member and will work to make an even greater impact in Memphis in 2018.


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