Radio Show: Slingshot Memphis

A former counselor and teacher turned institutional investment broker, Justin Miller, Founder of Slingshot Memphis, felt increasingly pulled to step into the yawning gap that separates so many Memphians from the opportunities of a full quality of life.

While working as a Giving Strategist, helping donors target and maximize their charitable investments, Justin became increasingly frustrated with two opposing realities (1) Memphis is one of the most charitable cities in America. (2) Memphis is one of the most impoverished cities in America.

While researching methods to help solve this problem, Justin came across Robin Hood, New York's largest poverty-fighting organization. Pioneered by investor, and native Memphian, Paul Tudor Jones, Robin Hood has accelerated hundreds of high-performing poverty-fighting organizations since 1988.

With the knowledge that Robin Hood’s playbook had been successfully adapted in other cities (i.e. San Francisco, Chicago, D.C.), Justin began talking with local non-profit leaders and potential investors about the idea creating a venture philanthropy platform in the Bluff City. In less than a year, Slingshot Memphis was born.

“We owe it to our city. And we owe it to our families and ourselves, because helping others reach their full potential is the only way to reach our own - individually and collectively,” Justin says. “I cannot stop dreaming about what might happen if Memphians - non-profits and donors (individuals, families, businesses, faith-based organizations, government, etc.) - begin working in unison to double-down on poverty alleviating solutions that have the highest impact per dollar of costs.”

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