Honoring First Responders

Honoring First Responders

On Tuesday, April 17, 2018, Cumulus Media Memphis hosted The First Responders Luncheon honoring the Shelby County Sheriff’s Office. Sponsored by many local companies and organizations, the event honored 18 Officers for their dedication, bravery, and service to our community. Recognitions included Employee of the Year, Supervisor of the Year, Meritorious Service, and Lifesaving.

It was a moving experience, especially when the Officers were given a chance to speak and used the time to thank their families for all their sacrifices, thank our community for allowing them to serve, and thank God for protecting them and keeping them safe while serving. Since these stories rarely make mainstream news, I’d like to share the program highlights below for two of the Officers who were honored with “Lifesaving” awards, Officer Vincent Jennings and Officer Terrance Pulliam. My hope is that these stories will inspire and move you, as they moved me and the audience that day, knowing there are good people who are risking their lives each day to protect our community and make a difference.  

“On August 6, 2016, Patrolman Jennings was assisting Tennessee Highway Patrol on a crash site on heavily traveled I-40. Patrolman Jennings observed a motorist closing quickly on the scene in the emergency lane placing the lives of the others at great risk. Without hesitation, Patrolman Jennings placed his squad car in a position to block the reckless vehicle from running into the other Officers. The suspect vehicle struck his squad car and came to rest. The driver was taken into custody without further incident and Officer Jennings received treatment for his minor injuries. His selfless actions by placing himself in “harm's way” prevented the other Officers from being seriously injured or killed and also prevented an impaired driver from seriously injuring other motorists. Patrolman Jennings is to be commended for his unselfish dedication to duty, his compassion to help others and willingness to make Shelby County a better place and a safer community.”

“On October 13, 2017, Officer Pulliam was on his way home from work when he observed a female driver exit her vehicle and begin hysterically screaming as she opened the vehicle’s rear door. Although off duty, Officer Pulliam without hesitation pulled over to assist her. He took charge of the panicking mother’s lifeless baby and immediately began CPR on the child. The child began to breathe on her own within a short period of time. Memphis Fire Paramedics arrived and transported the 1 year 9-month-old to the hospital. The victim’s mother stated that baby ‘Madison’ was alive and well due to Officer Pulliam’s quick response to her situation and professional dedication. Officer Pulliam is to be commended for his compassionate response, his use of vital training and going above and beyond the call of duty, even off duty to help another person in distress. Officer Pulliam has proudly served the Citizens of Shelby County for 9 years and continues his selfless service in the United States Military as a Reserve.”

Thank you to Officer Jennings, Officer Pulliam and all the other Officers who were honored during The First Responders Luncheon, as well as the countless other First Responders who serve our city each day. We appreciate your service and sacrifice!



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