Staying Positive, Like a Proton

Staying Positive, Like a Proton

There’s a clever science-minded quote that I’ve been seeing frequently on social media, “Think like a proton and stay positive!” It’s an inspirational reminder that in order to perform at our best, to engage and motivate others to take action, and to ultimately make a difference in our organizations and community, we must have hope and a positive attitude.

Unfortunately, it’s easier said than done, especially when seemingly we’re surrounded by negative energy, tragic news, senseless crime, heartbreaking poverty, and adults who treat others with little regard for civility. It saddens me to see parents “tell” their children not to bully, then turn around and curse, yell, and resort to name calling and threats to others who think differently about certain issues. For the sake of our children and future, we must find a better, more peaceful way to resolve conflict and model respect.

Here are some ways you can remain positive.

First, take the advice of one of my friends, who said, “People come into your life for a reason, a season, or a lifetime.” It can be difficult, but carefully evaluate your “friends” and those who might have come into your life for only a reason or a season that has past. Consider limiting social interactions or unfollowing those on social media who are not positive influences in your life.

Second, screen your news intake and sources. Yes, you need to stay up on current events, but for the most part you can scan the headlines and first few paragraphs of a story and get the gist. Skip the comments at the bottom! Find the sources and journalists you enjoy and trust, and stick with them. Understand that sensationalism sells, so wear your “filters” when consuming media, in general.

Get out in the community and volunteer! Once you volunteer, your perspective changes and you start seeing more of the good; and you become the good! Find ways to relax and balance yourself, through sports, recreation, prayer, yoga, meditation, books and podcasts. Pets are proven to boost happiness and so are hugs and random compliments. Open the door for a stranger, smile when you talk, and try disconnecting from social media at night, too. You’ll be surprised at how a few tweaks in your life can empower you to remain positive, like a proton!

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