Radio Show: Sridhar Sunkara, eBiz Solutions & ThinkProxi

Sridhar loves technology strategy and innovation. With more than 22 years of experience under his belt, he has been assisting various types of businesses to understand and implement digital transformation for their companies.  This helps businesses innovate and build efficient processes, in turn helping their bottom line and paving the way for growth.

 Sridhar’s love for innovation does not stop there: he co-founded/board member of Start Co. that help emerging entrepreneurs with their start-ups to build their dream companies.

Sridhar co-founded eBiz Solutions helping their clients' in their Digital Transformation journey with consulting, technology solutions, digital marketing. Also, eBiz created eLabs, an innovation lab that help companies innovate through their proven processes to create new opportunities and new business models. In 2015 Sridhar co-founded and is CEO of an Internet of Things proximity platform company called ThinkProxi, which is a product of eLabs.

Sridhar is multifaceted and has degrees in Architecture, City Planning, and Computer Programming. He also has certifications from MIT Sloan School of Management & MIT CSAIL Artificial Intelligence: Implications of Artificial Intelligence for Business Strategy and MIT Sloan School of Management in Design Thinking.

He is a frequent guest Speaker, panelist, radio shows and TV talking about the digital transformation, artificial intelligence, and other technology-related topics.

Sridhar is boards of several nonprofit organizations and helps them with his technology and business skills.



eBiz Solutions believes that Digital Organizations focus on the following four fundamentals: 1. Put customers at the heart of the business model. 2. Create efficiencies from the inside out. 3. Use technology as a competitive advantage. and 4. Use innovation as a growth strategy.

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ThinkProxi's cloud-based proximity content management redefines the way you interact with your customers. Using various types of proximity sensors (Beacons, NFC, GPS, etc.), you can design immediate customer-specific campaigns and notifications.

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