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ePayment America is excited to announce a new initiative designed specifically for companies who maintain a strong business to business concentration!

Their goal is to help you streamline your business and increase efficiency.

Many merchants are frustrated by the confusing statements they receive, and most would rather find a solution that is simple, transparent, and seamless to transition.

With ePayment America, they believe the cost of accepting credit cards should be affordable for all merchants, with transparent rates so you know exactly what you’re paying. Their new Subscription Model allows you to enjoy a flat monthly rate with incredible savings. No longer will fees incurred increase as your volume escalates. You can be encouraged to accept higher ticket amounts without having to worry about the inflated fees associated with the transaction, thus you are better able to streamline production!

This initiative is designed to support your market commerce by simplifying the cost of doing business. You know exactly what you pay each month and no longer have to worry about excess fees associated with high credit card volume.

ePayment America is proud to be a local, wholesale ISO of First Data. Our specialized teams will help you every step of the way.

Let them take the guesswork out of processing. Who wouldn’t like to know how much they will pay each month? Let them help you bring simple, transparent processing to your business for the best value for your dollar.

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