Thank You

Thank You

Four years ago this month the River City Rising blog went live: a once-abstract idea of wanting to somehow make a difference with my writing had now become a concrete platform thanks to the open heart and mind of someone who was willing to give me a chance, even though neither one of us knew exactly how this new adventure would pan out. It has turned out to be one of my life’s most rewarding and eye-opening adventures.

River City Rising has become an anchor in my life because its stories, and the people who have allowed me into their lives so that I can share these stories with you, have shown me all that is good and just in our world and truly, as I’ve said numerous times before, the very best of humanity. They have given me a new perspective on resilience and redemption, on making the best of whatever deck of cards we’re dealt on any given day. I wanted to somehow make a difference in their lives but the reality is they have made all the difference in mine.

Thank you Jeremy and the cityCURRENT team, for giving me a chance to embark on this adventure. Thank you to every person who entrusted me with their stories to share with all of you. And thank you, all, for being a part of River City Rising these past four years.

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