Radio Show: New Leaders

Last year, 6 out of the 9 non-charter "Reward Schools" in Shelby County were led by New Leaders. This year, 8 New Leader schools made the list. The iZone schools are the fastest-gaining turnarounds in Tennessee, and half of them are led by New Leader Principals.

The RAND Corporation has definitively concluded that students enrolled in schools led by New Leaders have higher achievement gains than their peers. Researchers at RAND also found that New Leaders is the principal-preparation provider with the strongest evidence of positive impact.

New leaders is a critical part of Shelby County's principal pipeline. This year alone, nearly 30% (7 out of 24) of the District's first-year principals were New Leaders. Two-thirds of our Memphis-trained Aspiring Principals currently occupy leadership roles in Shelby County. More than three-quarters have served as principals.

In their recent Memphis alumni survey, 96% percent of respondents agreed that New Leaders equipped them for success in their subsequent role.

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