Radio Show: Dr. Angela Speaks

Dr. Angela Anderson is a leadership and organizational expert. She is a #1 international best selling author, internationally certified executive advisor, speaker, and trainer. Dr. Anderson is also certified by the John C. Maxwell Team. This group specializes in providing training around the world on topics such as leadership, influence, motivation, team dynamics, and much more.

Dr. Anderson trains groups within the business, educational, non-profit, and healthcare fields. The goal is to empower others to improve, increase productivity, and operate at maximum potential.

Before becoming a partner of the John C. Maxwell Group, Dr. Anderson spent years gaining experience in multiple fields by working with businesses and educational institutions. It was through these experiences that Dr. Anderson honed her skills as a speaker, trainer, and executive advisor.

She began as a therapist in the mental health field, ultimately serving as Director of Clinical Services for a local hospital. She went on to serve as a Clinical Assessor for another hospital.

An unexpected opportunity led to Dr. Anderson’s current passion when she took an opportunity at Verizon. While she worked there, Dr. Anderson was promoted twice in a span of two years. During her tenure, she was honored with the President’s Award of Excellence, the Star Promoter Award, and a personal commendation from the company CEO for her role in customer satisfaction and performance.

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